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I graduated from training as a chemical engineer and joined DRT in January 2010. Today, I’m the adhesives market manager responsible for one of the four sales departments at DRT, which contains 7 people (5 salespeople and 2 assistants).

My job is to implement the short- and mid-term strategy in this department and help it grow.

When I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by people who were very open, ready to share their experiences and a very strong company culture.

I’m quite motivated by the strategic aspect but also by the management side of things. Management is an aspect of the job which I discovered day-by-day, which is motivating and different from the technical aspect.

DRT supported me with internal and external management training.

“DRT also trusts young employees: today, there are two of us heads of market aged under 35 across the 4 departments”

DRT is a highly global company which purchases feedstock and sells it around the world. This opening up is not recent but has undergone huge growth since 2006. A large part of its growth comes from the international side of the business and will continue to do so.

How would I summarize DRT? I would say bio-sourced, responsible chemistry and an international outlook: that is what I most liked at the start. I wanted a position overseas, or a position that would allow me to speak English on a daily basis and to travel. DRT was able to offer me that.

I also think the word “growth” really represents DRT, a company which is developing strongly and has numerous ongoing projects. DRT also trusts young employees: today, there are two of us heads of market aged under 35 across the 4 departments.


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