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Intelligent, eco-friendly, healthy, economic and autonomous, the home of the future is one of the challenges of tomorrow. It is of particular interest to consumers who are increasingly aware of the challenges of eco-construction.

With a construction market that is increasingly turning towards sustainable, responsible materials, we strive to develop sustainable technical solutions for paints, waterproofing, insulation and concretes to reduce the environmental impact of construction and manage their energy consumption.

Our tall oil rosins and fatty acids are well-suited for paints and sealants.

Improved resistance, easy to apply and 100% renewable, these various components help develop sustainable, high-performance technical innovations.

DRT solutions…

Fatty acid

Resinoline BD 2

Gum rosin derivative

Polygral 115

Our bio-sourced resins have considerable advantages for low-energy buildings, particularly the roofs, which are crucial for efficient thermal performance.

Our solutions also make it possible to create cold tackifying membranes for significant improvements in energy performance.

DRT solutions…

Rosin derivative

Brai RD

Rosin derivative

Melhi NLM

Rosin derivative

Dercinate 50 TO


Our bio-sourced ingredients offer a real alternative to better meet the requirements of new and future regulations on reducing CO2 emissions in the manufacture of concrete and cement.

We work to develop ingredients which, in addition to reducing carbon footprints, make concrete more solid, easier to work with, and more resistant to freeze-thaw.

We also work to improve the milling of concrete for the manufacturing of cement, to optimize their plasticity, and even to improve their ability to retain and hold together mortar.

DRT solutions…

Rosin derivative


Thanks to our resins designed for use in specialty adhesives, we propose to develop greener primary construction materials (coatings, sealants, etc.) with optimal adhesion and durability.

The benefits of our resins? Facilitating the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives (instead of conventional fastening techniques), improving insulation while reducing the use of primary fossil fuels and thus the carbon footprint of materials. They also facilitate the recycling of materials during demolition.

DRT solutions…

Terpene phenol resin

Dertophene T 105

Rosin ester

Dertoline PLS

Polyterpenic resin

Dercolyte S 115