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A public asset, the road network is highly strategic and its maintenance ensures the safety of its users. Roads are the heart of environmental issues: that’s why we are working with the biggest industrial groups to develop the roads of tomorrow.

At DRT, our teams work to develop sustainable, high-performance industrial solutions which help reduce the environmental impact of road infrastructure and improve user safety and comfort. With our strong co-development culture, our experts are ready to work with you to devise specifications for innovative asphalts and road markings.

With key benefits including improving the sustainability, visibility and reflectiveness of road markings, our plant-based gum rosin esters also reduce the carbon footprint of a road.

DRT solutions…

Rosin ester

Dertoline P2L

Gum rosin ester

Dertoline P 105

Subject to repeated wear from light and heavy vehicles, and varied or even extreme weather conditions, asphalt needs traction and durability to ensure the safety of road users.

Our bio-sourced ingredients can be used to create green asphalts with high-performance technical properties. Our ingredients also allow asphalt to be recycled on site using slow-setting anionic asphalt emulsions.

DRT solutions…

Gum rosin derivative


Gum rosin derivative

Vinsol NVX

Resin acid & fatty acid

Tall oil pitch


Being able to guarantee clear, visible markings in all circumstances and in all weather conditions is key to improving road safety.

Our hydrogenated esters and polyterpene resins offer great resistance to UV rays, thus improving the durability of markings while ensuring better visibility.

DRT solutions…

Hydrogenated resin

Foral 85

Hydrogenated resin

Foral 105

Polyterpenic resin

Dercolyte A 135


Tire manufacturers can use our plant-based resins to develop products with a better balance between rolling resistance and resistance to wear and traction, especially on wet ground.

By carefully modifying these three properties, the lifespan of tires can be extended and fuel consumption reduced.

DRT solutions…

Polyterpene resin

Dercolyte A 115

Polyterpene resin

Dercolyte L 120

Terpene phenolic resin

Dertophene T 115