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DRT announces new partnership with Quimidroga in Europe

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DRT, the French manufacturer of gum rosin and turpentine derivatives extracted from pine resin, is pleased to announce an agreement with Quimidroga, specialized in the marketing and distribution of chemical ingredients. The new partnership will secure the distribution of Resinoline® BD 2 (TOFA-Tall Oil Fatty Acids) and Resinoline® BD 25-30 (DTO-Distilled Tall Oil) throughout Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa.
Key points:

  • This new agreement follows the end of the partnership between Ingevity and DRT
  • Quimidroga is now the exclusive distributor and will be able to rely on a reliable and continuous supply of TOFA and DTO from DRT
  • Customers will benefit from the local presence of Quimidroga in the Iberian Peninsula and Northen Africa, which delivers a high-quality service in the best possible time frame

Following the signing of the agreement with Azelis to distribute these derivatives in Northern Europe, DRT is continuing to expand and secure its network with a new partnership with Quimidroga. Eric Moussu, Sales & Marketing Director at DRT, explains: “With in-depth knowledge of its business and constant work to best serve customers and suppliers, Quimidroga is a partner of choice for the Iberian Peninsula, enabling us to reach our application markets in Spain, Portugal and Northen Africa.”

Effective 1st October 2019, this agreement is the result of DRT’s and Quimidroga’s long-term collaboration. Both companies already have a DRT distribution agreement in Iberia, France and Turkey for markets such as adhesives, coatings and rubbers.Marc Elias, Adhesive & PU Commercial Director at Quimidroga, said: “Thanks to this partnership, Quimidroga will strengthen its relations and synergies with one of its key suppliers of resins and bio-sourced products. Quimidroga will also be able to maintain its position and growth in key markets by supplying products of European origin and by providing stability and continuity to its customers who will retain the same sales contacts.”

This collaboration enables Quimidroga to maintain its product portfolio with key plant-based references that will allow customers to continue to develop more sustainable products.

WHO IS DRT?DRT, whose head office is located in Dax, specializes in the development of gum rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin. A French company, DRT has 1350 employees and generates turnover of € 550 million, 90% of which is generated abroad. DRT has a large industrial base (4 factories in France, 2 in the USA, 1 in China and 3 in India through a joint venture) and relies on a network of sales offices spread around the world. DRT mainly supplies the fragrance, adhesive, tire, food supplement markets, etc.

ABOUT QUIMIDROGAQuimidroga, founded in 1944, is a Spanish family-owned company with a turnover of € 880 million and employs 500 people. Quimidroga is the Iberian leader in the distribution of chemical products, ranging from basic products to fine, highly specialized chemicals products, ingredients for the agribusiness, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergent, flavoring and fragrance, coatings, inks and adhesive, aqueous treatment, paper, polyurethane and lubricant markets, etc. In addition to its presence in Spain and Portugal, where Quimidroga has commercial offices and logistics platforms, the company is also present, via its partners, in France, Italy, Northen Africa and Turkey.

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