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DRT announces new partnership with Azelis in Europe

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DRT, the French manufacturer of rosin and turpentine derivatives extracted from pine chemicals, is pleased to announce an agreement with Azelis, the leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients. The new partnership will secure the distribution of TOFA (tall oil fatty acids) and DTO (distilled tall oil) throughout Europe, with the exception of Spain and Portugal, into the chemicals, lubricants and CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers) markets.

Highlights & rationale

  • The new mandate follows the termination of the partnership between Ingevity and DRT
  • Azelis becomes direct and exclusive distributor, securing the reliable, continued supply of TOFA and DTO into the European market
  • Both customers and DRT will benefit from the extended and local presence of Azelis in Europe to serve high quality products with short lead-times
  • This partnership supports the organic growth strategy of Azelis with a multi-national coverage by strategic Principals

Effective 1st October 2019, this agreement is the result of Azelis’ successful introduction and growth in the pine chemicals business since 2014.

Javier Miranda, Market Segment Manager Lubricants & MWF at Azelis EMEA, comments: “With this partnership, Azelis can grant continuity in the supply of European sourced TOFA (Resinoline® BD2) and DTO (Resinoline® BD 25-30) into the market. Customers will have access to the same products, with no change in product quality, whilst continuing to liaise with the same commercial contacts within Azelis.”

Eric Moussu, Director Sales & Marketing at DRT, adds: “Azelis extensive market knowledge and application expertise in pine chemicals were key factors in the decision making.”

The collaboration strengthens Azelis’ commitment to sustainability by offering products from natural origin in the different markets of application. In combination with the company’s lab capabilities in Europe (one Lubricants & MWF, one CASE and three Homecare & IC labs), this will aid customers in developing sustainable solutions for their current and future needs.


DRT is specializes in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine stumps As a French family-owned company, DRT employs 1,350 people and boasts sales of €550 million. Over 90% of sales are generated in international markets. DRT has sales offices and numerous industrial sites across the globe, including four factories in France, two in the US, one in China and three in India through a joint venture. DRT mainly supplies the perfume, adhesive, rubber, ink and food supplement markets.


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