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DRT makes safety a priority by anticipating issues.

For DRT, industrial safety is a prerequisite for development. All industrial sites are therefore equipped with QEHS integrated systems.

By anticipating safety issues and identifying solutions before problems arise, DRT’s approach to safety is proactive. On-site risk assessment and reduction, prevention and protection equipment, training and informing, are, in terms of individual safety, a few of the measures implemented over the years.

DRT was among the very first to implement the European REACH directive which regulates the production and sales of chemical substances. Compliance to REACH means that DRT adopts measures to substantially reduce risk exposure for its customers, suppliers and employees. Today, all DRT production meets REACH requirements.

DRT’s permanent commitment and ongoing initiatives for improvement:

  • Hazard analysis of all manufacturing processes
  • Continuous improvement of Safety Management Systems
  • Prevention of exposure of workers to hazardous chemical agents
  • Policy for the Prevention of Major Accidents
DRT - Sécurité