March 19th – 21st Nuremberg – Hall 4 / Stand 336

Experts from the coating and adhesives industry will meet from March 19th to 21tst during the international European Coatings Show in Germany. DRT will take this opportunity to present its latest range of products dedicated to a fast-changing sector seeking innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions.

DRT, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plant-based resins, will present its products to the adhesive, coating and construction chemical professionals. These sectors are moving forward more sustainable ingredients, as end-consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental footprint of their products.

FORAL and VINSOL resins are two of these “green” products. FORAL AX resin is a hydrogenated refined wood rosin that is one of the palest and most highly stabilized rosins commercially available. The FORAL line of products, including glycerol and pentaerythritol esters, are mainly used in pressure sensitive adhesives and coating applications. VINSOL resin is produced exclusively by DRT’s American subsidiary and targets the coating, asphalt and concrete construction markets DRT also produces Dertophene®, a line of terpene phenolic resins, utilized specifically for their unique compatibility with numerous elastomers and resins. The Dertophene® product range allows the end users to enhance the properties of hot melt or solvent based adhesives.

Since its creation, DRT has used plant-based raw materials derived from the forest industry. The research of alternatives to fossil based products is the focus of the company. With its plant-based resins, DRT supplies more than 20 industrial sectors from the adhesive (packaging, tape, tag, construction…) to the coating and road marking industries. These products offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based ingredients With their proven performance and cost-effectiveness, these products allow numerous industries to use more bio-based raw materials.

As explained by Eric Moussu, DRT’s Sales & Marketing Director: “Our goal is to provide technical and economic solutions. We have expanded our range of resins to better answer the market’s expectations. FORAL® is a tangible example of the kind of stabilized resins sought after by our customers today.” As DRT distinguishes itself with its products, the company is also well-known for its eco-responsible approach. Environmentally friendly, ethical, innovative: these are the distinctive features at the roots of the company.