DRT provides a range of sustainable bioliquids offering an alternative to fossil fuels

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Specialized in pine chemistry, DRT has managed over the years to become a major player in various markets thanks to bio-sourced products, such as Dertal®: a green and renewable alternative to heavy fuel oil.

Certified as 100% renewable by the ISCC®, Dertal® is a plant-based fuel (liquid biomass) which offers similar characteristics to heavy fuel oil. « We have developed a formulation of Dertal®, which allows industries to meet regulatory obligations regarding the limitation of sulfur and nitrogen emissions. » explains Nicolas Marechal, DRT Key Account Manager Energy.

Designed from renewable raw materials deriving from the forest industry (without any competition with food usage), Dertal® allows industries to foster an environmentally friendly approach. Another advantage: Dertal® enables to overcome certain difficulties related to supply and also to diversify its suppliers’ panel, a key element in a responsible buying policy.

Global leader in the sector of terpene resins and leading producer of turpentine, DRT has committed itself since 1932 to provide alternatives to fossil resources. DRT thus supplies more than 20 industrial sectors and helps them in their ecological transition.

If DRT distinguishes itself with its products, the company is also known for its eco-responsible approach. Environmentally friendly, ethical, innovative: these are the distinctive features at the roots of the company.

*ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification): Sustainability certification for all feedstocks and markets on a global scale.