DRT, a world leader in plant chemistry and a company of the Firmenich Group, strengthens its competitive position in industrial markets as the company further extends its partnership with Metsä Fibre to increase the volume and quality of Crude Sulfate Turpentine (CST). Used in the development of highly efficient and diversified ingredients for various end markets such as tires, chewing gum and personal care, CST is a sustainable pine-based raw material and a by-product derived from the paper industry.

DRT, the world’s largest operator of CST distillation, has more than a decade-long relationship with Metsä Fibre, a leading Finnish producer of bioproducts and bioenergy. In order to sustain its growth plan and increase market share for the upcoming years, DRT has recently strengthened this collaboration by providing technical support services to Metsä Fibre. This initiative, that has also been initiated with other strategic suppliers worldwide, will allow DRT to secure raw materials supply, quality and volume while placing the company in a more competitive position to address the growing customers’ needs for highly effective bio-based products .

For Metsä Fibre, the objective of this technical partnership, that involves experts from both sides, is to make pulp mills’ operations more effective, more sustainable and safer. Metsä Fibre benefits from DRT’s unique industrial knowledge and deep expertise in raw materials processing, first resulting in a noticeable improvement of CST quality for DRT. Thanks to the methodology and actions implemented, the technical teams from both companies were also able to decrease CST Sulphur content by 50% within a 3-6 months span and consequently improve overall safety at the same time.

“We are extremely satisfied with the results of our collaborative efforts with Metsä Fibre”, says Eric Moussu, DRT Head of Sales, Industry. “This is a win-win situation where both companies mutually benefit from each other’s expertise and know how to bring significant improvements in terms of sustainability, safety and competitiveness.”

“We at Metsä Fibre appreciate the warm and close relationship that we have had with DRT already for many years”, says Katja Salmenkivi, Sales Manager for Biochemicals at Metsä Fibre.

In addition to the technical services brought by DRT, the company also has developed another methodology with papermaking suppliers that consists of mapping turpentine content, assess the efficiency of CST recovery processes and improve such processes whenever possible. This methodology is already being implemented with other suppliers and currently developed at Metsä Rauma mill where both companies are looking to significantly increase CST volumes, an important achievement for DRT, to the benefit of its customers.

Environment and more generally Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also an important component of this joint collaboration. A promoter of sustainable chemistry since 1932, DRT has always strived to develop high-performing, renewable and sustainable ingredients that respect the environment and natural resources. DRT operates on a daily basis in accordance with ethical principles and rules and the company expects the same commitment to responsible business from its partners. Metsä Fibre has long adopted a similar approach and mindset with regards to sustainable development and ethical practices. The company has achieved EcoVadis Platinum certification, similar to DRT’s parent company Firmenich, and is also a strong player in sustainable forest management with PEFC or FSC certifications.

Driving a transparent and responsible supply chain is a priority at DRT and such accountability today is essential for customers and consumers alike.