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QEHS and protecting the environment

Responsible chemistry

DRT signed the chemistry industry’s “Responsible Care” global charter in 1991 and since then, it has continued to work on improving actions for the responsible management of its products, from design to waste management. 

The ISO 9001 certification guarantees the control of all of DRT’s quality management system processes. The organizational requirements of this certification as well as the customer-oriented approach it promotes are consistent with the same high quality standards DRT has always implemented and maintained. 

With regards to food safety, DRT is certified ISO 22000 for its natural extracts (polyphenols). The company also devotedly applies the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system to all steps of its production processes in an effort to establish a solid trust relationship with nutraceutical and cosmetic industry customers.

Download certificates :

DRT ISO 9001
DRT ISO 9001
DRT ISO 22000 - OPC
DRT ISO 22000 - OPC

Responsible production

DRT makes significant investments to minimize the impact of its industrial activities on the environment, by reducing energy consumption and substituting fossil fuels with plant-based raw materials.

A bacteriological treatment platform - with a capacity equivalent to that of a city of 60,000 inhabitants - recovers and treats wastewater from all of its production sites in the Landes region. Also, by burning a large part of its byproducts on site, DRT has turned biomass into a source of energy for its Saint-Girons facility.

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