Rosin derivative

Vinsol NVX

Vinsol NVX resinate is the sodium soap of Vinsol resin, a dark-colored, high melting-point, thermoplastic, acidic resin.

Key properties

Vinsol NVX resinate is produced in an aqueous reaction of Vinsol resin with caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) followed by processing in a spray dryer.

It is a light tan-colored, free-flowing powder. For many applications, Vinsol resin must be neutralized with caustic soda in order to become water-soluble.

Vinsol NVX offers the user the convenience of a neutralized form that can be dissolved directly in water. It can also be effectively dry-mixed with cement in air entraining applications.


  • Air entraining agent in cements, mortars, and concrete to improve strength, workability, and freeze-thaw resistance
  • Asphalt emulsifier for anionic, slow setting emulsions for paving, surfacing, and sealing applications
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  • Soluble in water
  • Allows the user to omit a neutralization process
  • Can be dry mixed with cement

  • Light color
  • Insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons

Packaged solid content, %, minimum


Total alkalinity in the form of NaOH, as is basis,%


*Free or unreacted sodium hydroxide present in the finished product represents less than 2 % by weight


Bag, multiwall, kraft



Net weight

45 lbs, 20.41 kgs




Not regulated


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