Terpene solvent

Dipentene 10

Selected blend of terpene hydrocarbons and alcohols with different evaporation rates.
Aspect: clear colourless to slightly yellowish liquid. Pine like odour.


Dipentene 10 is used in paints and varnishes, oilfield, waxes and cleaning products.
In paints, it acts as anti-skinning agent, as it will delay the formation of the skin at the surface.
It increases tolerance to thinning by allowing a better dispersibility of resins and pigments in the paint. It also avoids precipitation of resins and allows a uniform evaporation rate.
Up to 25%, in short oils, especially when they contain elements with little solubility in hydrocarbon solvents (white spirit).
Up to 5%, only in long oils.

In oilfield, it is a sustainable (biobased) alternative to fossil based solvents (BTX), it shows good perfomances to dissolve asphaltene and organic residues in well bore clean-outs, hydraulic fracturing and antisludge application.

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Color (Hazen)

Max 50

Density at 20°C (g/ml)


Water content (%)

Max 0.5

Sulphur content (Mg/kg)

Max 120

Dipentene content (%)


Terpene hydrocarbon content (%)

Min 90

Alcohols + X content (%)

Max 10

Flash point, °C, closed cup (°C)


Boiling range (°C)

171 – 245

The product contains 0.05 % of BHT

Multiconstituent substance

All components are registered


Room temperature in a well ventilated dry place
Stable for 12 months under normal conditions of temperature, in its original sealed packaging


Available in coated drums of 170 kg on wrapped pallets of 680 kg



The data herein are based on our knowledge about above product. They are without conditions or warranties, expressed or implied regarding the uses of the product. DRT analytical methods are available on request.