Water-based dispersion

Dermulsene TR 602

Dermulsene TR 602 is an aqueous, solvent free resin based on terpene phenolic resin.


  • Particularly recommended for pressure sensitive adhesives, contact adhesives and industrial adhesives.
  • Designed specifically to tackify a wide range of acrylic, SBR and other water based synthetic or natural polymer.
  • This dispersion is useful for high adhesion performances with high shear properties.
  • Can be used with polychloroprene (PCP) and synthetic rubbers (SB…) to achieve high initial bond strength for one component foam adhesives, or foam to foam bonding in two components formulations.
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Solid content (%)


pH at 20°C


Visco. (20°C, 50 min-1) (mPa.s)


Particle size (nm)


Dermulsene TR 602 gives good mechanical stability when properly formulated and handled.

Mixture – Waterborne dispersion of a terpene-phenol resin


Keep away from freezing, DERMULSENE®TR 602 containing no freeze, thaw stabilizers, coagulates irreversibly upon freezing.
During the cold season shipments and storage are to be made in insulated carriers and tanks.
We advise to avoid an extended storage at a temperature over 35°C.
To prevent evaporation and subsequent formation of coarse particle, keep containers or drums closed.
The product is always packaged through 50 microns filter before shipment.


Shelf life up to 12 months under previous conditions.


Available in polyethylene drums (220 kg) on pallets of 880 kg, in 1 MT container and in bulk.



The data herein are based on our knowledge about above product. They are without conditions or warranties, expressed or implied regarding the uses of the product. DRT analytical methods are available on request.