Water-based dispersion

Dermulsene 222

Dermulsene 222 is a solvent-free water-based dispersion formulated with terpene resin and stabilized rosin ester.


  • Dermulsene 222 is particularly recommended for applications such as tapes, self-adhesive labels and water-based industrial adhesives.
  • Dermulsene 222 tackifies a wide range of synthetic and natural polymers
  • This dispersion makes it possible to achieve very high adhesive performance on low-energy surfaces.
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Solid content, %


pH at 20°C


Brookfield viscosity at 20°C, 50 min-1, mPa.s


DRT analytical methods are available on request

Dermulsene 222 is mechanically stable when properly formulated and handled. This dispersion is systematically filtered through a 50-micron filter before being packaged and shipped.


Shelf life up to 18 months in normal, controlled conditions.
A longer shelf life may be possible.
Keep from freezing, as Dermulsene 222 contains no freeze-thaw stabilizers, and coagulates irreversibly upon freezing.
During cold weather, the product should be shipped and stored in insulated facilities.
We also advise against extended storage at temperatures above 35°C.
Keep packaging closed, to prevent the formation of skins or solid surface particles.


Available in polyethylene drums (220 kg) on 880 kg pallets. Available in 1,000 kg containers.



Mixture – Water-based dispersion of a modified rosin ester