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DRT continues its expansion into the US

DRT, a specialist in processing rosin and turpentine oil distilled from pine resin since 1932, announces the purchase of land in Georgia which marks the first step of its move across the Atlantic.

To meet growing demand from international markets, and with the aim of working closer to supply sources, DRT has decided to build a new sulfate turpentine bio refinery and terpene derivatives production unit in the US. The project is now taking shape with the purchase of land in Effingham County, Georgia.

DRT, which plans to start operating the new unit during the first half of 2017, will commence the building work shortly and is in the process of forming a forty-strong operational team within DRT America.

The new production unit will enable DRT to distill sulfate turpentine sourced locally in the US, free-up its own refinery capacity at its French plant of Vielle-Saint-Girons (and therefore increase its supplies from existing European pulp and paper producers, in particular its Scandinavian suppliers), better serve its existing markets and develop new products for the fragrance and terpene resin industries. This in turn will allow DRT to strengthen its position as global leader and its relationships with its clients and suppliers.

With its specialization in pine chemistry, DRT has always used plant resources from the forestry sectors. For example, it processes the byproducts of the paper industry, which it distills to obtain terpenes and resins for supply to over twenty manufacturing sectors. While DRT is known for its biomass based products, the company is also characterized by a strong eco-friendly ethos. Environmental conservation, ethics and innovation are the key foundations on which DRT is built.