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Responsible Development

DRT’s top priority: protecting people, preserving the environment

Every day, DRT works hard to continue improving its production processes and enhance the quality and safety of end products while reducing environmental impact.

Throughout its long history, DRT’s activities and development strategy have echoed the values of Integrity, Accountability and Respect for all individuals as well as for the environment in which they live. DRT’s sustainable production processes reflect the company’s commitment to bringing out the Best of Nature.

DRT was concerned with finding technical solutions for environmental issues long before sustainable development was at the forefront of industry research. DRT leads efforts to develop and support energy-saving programs which will reduce the use of fossil fuels and increase the use of bio-renewable resources, while overall production demands continue to rise. 

Testifying to the company’s strong commitment to responsible development, DRT chose to make the Life Cycle Analysis of its products a key element in the decision-making process. As a result, industrial processes adhere to principles of good environment-friendly practice and strive to improve performance while deriving maximum benefit from coproducts.

Plant-based chemistry

Since the very beginning, DRT has used plant resources from the forest and placed the search for alternatives to petroleum-based products at the heart of its corporate mission. As a permanent member of the ACDV (French Association for Plant-based Chemistry), DRT works to bring together chemical and agricultural industry players and promote the development of a green chemistry, based on the use of renewable plant resources, in France and in Europe.

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