DRT on LinkeDin


Based on tall oil, gum rosin and terpenes derived from natural renewable resources, DRT makes products for a number of applications including adhesives, rubber, chewing gum, ink, varnish, paint and more.

Resins have become an essential element in many formulations today. Pine chemistry industry leader DRT is constantly adapting its products to meet the new industrial, technical and economical needs of its customers.

DRT’s technical expertise in working with raw materials allows for greater flexibility and safety in the development of highly diversified products, included plant-based binders for the road sector, gum based chewing gums or in the polymerization of rubber.

As for paints and varnishes, DRT offers natural products which increase the performance of formulations. The diversity of terpenes is also a starting point for many chemical bonds.

  • Adhésifs
  • Pigments
  • Marquage route et bitumes
  • Flottation
  • Cire à épiler
  • Caoutchouc
  • Peintures et vernis
  • Chewing-gum