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DRT Today

As an independent family-owned business, DRT has experienced exponential growth thanks to its diversification, its international development and its commitment to innovation.   

DRT (Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques) is headquartered in Southwestern France, at the heart of the “Landes” region. Created in 1932, DRT has since grown to extend beyond French borders; today, more than 80% of the company’s turnover is generated in foreign markets. DRT’s strategy for growth in all of its businesses is driven by ongoing investments in its three French production sites as well as in its different sites across the globe.

DRT purchases its supplies from around the world, from Scandinavia to South Africa, to Asia and the Americas. In an effort to secure a continuous supply, the company also operates a concession of several thousands of hectares of pine trees in Madagascar.

Key Figures

More than 250 end products used every day by consumers worldwide.
1,200 employees including 700 in France.
4 production sites in France, 1 in China, 3 in India and 2 in the US.
50 scientists, engineers and Doctors of Chemistry.
More than 80% of turnover generated in international markets.

DRT exports its knowledge worldwide 

DRT - plants France
DRT - plants India
DRT - plants China

Executive Commitee

  • Laurent Labatut Laurent Labatut President &
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jérôme Montoya Jérôme Montoya Chief
    Financial Officer
  • Patricia Capitanelli Patricia Capitanelli Director,
    Human Resources
  • Bertrand Boulin Bertrand Boulin Technical Director
  • Laurent Villain Laurent Villain Director,
  • Philippe <br />Sainte-Cluque Philippe
    DRT America Inc
  • Eric Moussu Eric Moussu Director,
    Sales & Marketing