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DRT currently employs 1,000 people, including 300 outside of Europe. International market player and family-owned business, DRT’s roots are in France.

DRT promotes a strong corporate culture amongst all of its employees to ensure the sustainability of its business. Employee relations policies are based on fair and open dialogue, in keeping with the company’s high standards of excellence.

Number of employees

DRT - Number of employees (600 in 2000, 650 in 2006 and 1000 in 2012)

Criteria for Excellence


In order to meet the industry’s very high demands in terms of quality and safety, DRT encourages and promotes values of autonomy, rigor and a proactive attitude.

Collective intelligence

A solid team spirit and respect for group goals and common interests are essential in an industrial environment which is subject to restrictions and unexpected situations.


All of these values constitute the foundation of our corporate culture. As a group, our success is based on the ability of each one of us to get involved, work together and optimize exchange, transparency and professionalism.

DRT - Professionalism
DRT - Collective intelligence
Collective intelligence
DRT - Ethics